Conan Services

We are a full-service construction firm that uses our wealth of knowledge, tradition, expertise, and topnotch subcontractor partners to build clients the structures that provide opportunities for humans to thrive.

Our Commitment to you, Competitive Excellence

We are proud to be consistently recognized for our ability to provide a complete range of delivery methods and services to handle our clients’ needs.


Pre Construction

Our Project Executive Pelin Karakas will be the lead in preconstruction, providing constructability analysis, managing our estimating personnel, creating and updating our project schedule, developing the construction sequence, and subcontractor bidding.

Through our estimating and bidding software, Building Connected, we determine what trades are involved in the project and issue an invitation to bid. The software provides us the ability to conduct an online bidding process, receiving RFIs and issuing addenda to all potential bidders through the system. We have experience bidding public projects and this system provides access and transparency to the process.

Construction Methods

We provide logical and orderly solutions to your building project, while meeting your expansion needs in an efficient and effective manner.

  • New Construction
  • Tenant Improvements
  • School/Education K-12
  • Government Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities

Tenant Improvements

Our reputation is based upon skilled craftsmen successfully updating and completing scores of commercial, industrial and institutional projects during the past two decades.

  • ADA Compliance
  • Expansions
  • Retrofitting

Construction Management

Our team will develop, in collaboration with our subcontractors, a master schedule that will outline such critical points as milestones, phasing, long lead items, utility shutdowns, and permitting. The schedule is revised and updated throughout the construction phase, when it is used by the Project Manager as a tool for monitoring progress of the job and forecasting the need for acceleration or adjustment of the plan for the project. Our extensive experience brings a wealth of knowledge and conceptual estimating as well as general construction methods and practices to each project.

  • Administration
  • Consulting
  • Safety Analysis

Warranty & Close Out

Our team will walk you through the finished project, pointing out features and discussing what’s new.  We will train your team and users on the new aspects of the finished product, as well as be there for the long term to address any future updates.



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